Partner and CEO

Trond Vidar Sagen

Until the autumn of 2014, Trond Vidar Sagen was the Group President of BOS Invest. He previously worked as the Acting Group President of Bertel O. Steen, as well as working as the Deputy Group President and CFO for the same company. Trond Vidar has particular expertise in the field of financial, operational and strategic management from both the automotive industry and other industries

Trond Vidar has since 2015 been in charge of multiple missions for ACG concerning strategy, purchase and sale, and management for hire for a number of different companies. 

In 2016 Trond Vidar was involved in analysis, development of sales prospectus, and negotiations for both Lillehammer Bil and Autonor, which all resulted in two very successful transactions for all parts involved. Furthermore, the following year, Trond Vidar worked among other things as an adviser for both Seljord Bil and Mohagen Bil, assisting them in operation and development. 

The same year, Trond Vidar also began one longer management for hire mission. Here, he became involved in strategy, negotiation- and organization development, and control of the budget for both the operation of cars and single dealerships. Trond Vidar will fill the role as chairman and CEO of the combined Frydenbø and Kvernland. 

Trond Vidar also has board positions in NAF Traffic Center Vålerbanen, and is a board member and representative in Dekkstra, Bilskadesenteret in Førde and in Frydenbø's cardivision on behalf of Frydenbø.