Roar Sollie

Roar Sollie came to us from a position as CEO at Bertel O. Steen Detalj AS, but he also has extensive experience of various positions in the automotive industry, relating to both import and retail. Roar has particular expertise and experience in the field of target and results management, turnarounds and performance/business enhancement in both a Norwegian and an international environment

Roar's first assignment for ACG consisted of completing a strategy process for Frydenbø Sandane. Working as management of hire Roar recruited a new CEO and assured to turn the company's financial results around. 

Roar has also finalized strategy processes for Åkra Bil and secured results for the management teams of large dealerships through one year. Later, Roar was hired by Tecar International to work as an advisor for several major projects regarding the development and improvement of the international automotive industry. 

Since the fall of 2018 Roar was hired as CEO and management of hire for Sign Consult Norway AS, where he has remained until now. Roar completed an operational turnaround with major downsizing and large effectivization processes. From losing around 4,8 million NOK in 2018, Sign Consult has profited 1,3 million NOK so far in 2020.