Target– and result management

How can you make sure to meet the goals you set for yourself and your company? How can you be sure to achieve the essential results? May the attainment of targets and results in a management team be guided and influenced? The answer is: yes, of course!

Creating the plan itself is often the most simple step in a strategic plan. You may achieve to create a plan that is concise, effective, and comprehensible to the staff. However, the challenges frequently arise when it comes to the execution stage. How can you ensure that you attain the targets you aim for? How can you ensure the devoted commitment of individual managers?

ACG uses simple and effective methods to help you and your management team to reach your goals. We customize individual programs for you and design a model for the attainment of results and targets: a clear "who does what, when". The plan guarantees a focus on the right steps to successfully realize your goals and enhancement. 

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