Chain development

In its very simplest terms, chain development can be defined as finding the right distribution of labour and responsibilities between local and central activities. 

The profitability in Norwegian chain concepts varies, and there are many reasons for this. The market and customers are constantly changing, which means that the chain concept needs systematic review in order to face up to the competitive situation of tomorrow.  

We believe chains have to operate in different ways and be adapted to suit their markets and customers. In other words, a chain concept successful in one industry will not necessarily be the best solution for the automotive industry. Practical experience has familiarised us with the reasons behind the lack of success, and we know how to achieve greater success.  

The following are characteristic of chain development:

  • A strong/clear corporate culture
  • Predictable management
  • Target management
  • Continuity
  • Feasibility
  • Loyalty to concepts
  • A clear theme for campaigns and activities
  • Clear distribution of labor and responsibilities centrally/locally
  • Good planning skills and structure 

You and your company have the opportunity to benefit from this experience and become one of the successful players. We will use our process work to chart your current situation and desired situation, devise specific action plans, and ensure that these are implemented.

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