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ACG Consulting

ACG (Automotive Consulting Group) is a consultancy company for the entire automotive industry and other industries. We taker on the entire value chain, from car manufacturers and importers to dealerships and chains for both cars and commercial vehicles (vans, trucks, and buses). Independent workshops, suppliers to the automotive industry (tires, parts, etc.), NBF, NAF, banking, finance, and insurance are also part of our field.

In addition to our knowledge of the automotive industry, experience from various directorships, line management and 

Our strength lies in 50 years of practical experience and knowledge gained from effort throughout the entire value chain in the industry. 

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Roar Sollie

Roar last had the position as CEO of Bertel O. Steen Detalj AS. He has worked with both dealerships and import and has special competence in target- and result leadership, turning operations, and achievement/business improvement both in Norway and internationally. 

+47 93 44 61 26

Trond Vidar Sagen

Trond Vidar entered ACG from the job as CEO for Bertel O. Steen Invest AS. Prior he has had positions as vice president and director of finance in the same company. He now has special competence in financial, operational and strategical leadership, both in the automotive business and other industries. 

+47 905 73 972

Petter Smebye

Petter last worked in the tyre- and car glass industry where he held positions as CEO and commercial director of RAC. He has also been the CEO of Dekk Partner Kjedehuset. Peder has special competence in named industry, including dealerships, import, and real estate development. 

+47 907 53 871

Bengt Heggertveit

Bengt was last working as a senior consultant for Peak Consulting Group AS and has much experience from consulting work and several leadership positions. Among other things, Bengt was the CEO of Caravansenter Holding AS (Ferda AS) and has been the CEO of Bryggeriet Norge AS.

+47 907 38 400

Our values

Sticking to agreements

We keep our promise: among colleagues, and to our customers and partners.


We make informed decisions and support them wholeheartedly in order to achieve our common targets. And we make sure we cross the finish line


We have a documented wealth of specialist expertise and experience that forms the basis of everything we do


Information from and about our customers is handled in the strictest confidence