Most companies reach a point where they need to go through a revitalizing process. The competitive climate and general conditions of any industry are changing rapidly. companies need to adapt to their surroundings at times. This is not always an easy thing to do, and there may be many reasons for this. Examples may be:

  • A certain culture within the company may be difficult to reverse. 
  • A financial situation that needs to be altered. 
  • A lack of expertise in specific fields.

We argue that any company failing to focus on streamlining will be unable to survive in the retail value chain in the future. Lower costs, shorter lead times of greater flexibility have to be achieved even though the retail value chain is becoming more complex than ever. Therefore, it is crucial to succeed in automation and do away with unnecessary manual processes. The entire value chain needs to be optimized, not just your own but also your trade with suppliers and customers.  

Our unique expertise and experience in the Norwegian automotive industry allow us to bring a fresh perspective to your situation. We help companies to chart the situation and both internal and external working conditions. We work in cooperation with management to suggest necessary processes and devise specific action plans, follow up the implementation of these plans, and evaluate the results.

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