Strategic processes

Many managers know from experience that strategic processes are difficult to implement, and that some strategic documents are too extensive and not particularly accessible to staff. In our experience, this document should be short and concise and so dynamic that it can be altered as the market and competitive situation change.

We have extensive expertise and experience of strategic work. Our aim is to develop growth strategies for enterprises which will allow them to compete in the markets of today and tomorrow. Our strategic approach seeks to identify opportunities which integrate the company's core business with innovation in order to achieve profitable growth.

A strategic process involves gaining insight and perspective, adopting a long-term approach, in order to make the right choices and prioritise the right measures. We carry out SWOT analyses – strategic planning tool – in order to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your company. We assess the trends, markets, customers, competitors and – not least – the choices facing the company.

We focus on various strategic perspectives, depending on the type of business and the problems faced. The strategic process can be implemented for the management team or for parts of the enterprise. Our job is to act as driving forces, document the issues that emerge during the process and prepare a specific action plan which can be implemented. Unfortunately, many good strategic documents have never been able to match with reality.

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