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The automotive industry

ACG's solutions and services are designed to handle the various challenges facing the automotive industry. Our strength lies in the practical knowledge that we have the entire value chain.

Our job is to help our customers make decisions that generate profitable growth through correct strategy and operational excellence.

All parts of the value chain – from manufacturers and importers to dealers who maintain contact with customers – are facing increasingly stringent demands in terms of commitment and loyalty to and investments in a brand on the one hand and the owners' demands for returns on their invested capital on the other. Not only do the classic elements of this value chain have to assess earning capacity, the willingness to take risks and the ability to change: we are seeing more and more stakeholders who want their own piece of the pie. This in turn is driving competition and exerting pressure on margins.

What is your competitive advantage in this regard?

Innovation is vital when it comes to continuing to create growth. New business areas have to be developed in order to create value-added services and additional sales. At the same time, you need to focus on opportunities to develop your current operations.  

We have expertise and practical experience of the entire automotive value chain and can provide your company with innovative solutions that will result in growth and good results.

  • Car manufacturer/car factory
  • Car importer
  • Car dealership chain 
  • Car dealership
  • Car workshop

The automotive industry is facing major changes. This will lead to greater challenges throughout the entire value chain, including for suppliers to the automotive industry. Demands for fast delivery, flexibility, stability and an adequate supply chain are critical factors.

What demands are made of you in your capacity as a supplier? What value does your company create?

We have more than 50 years' experience of the automotive industry and know where the pressure points are.  Professional knowledge is derived from our own knowledge base, and we have developed our holistic approach and our understanding of what our customers need on the basis of this knowledge in combination with practical experience.

If you are a supplier in any of these categories, get in touch for a no-obligation chat which could improve your company and create even more value for your partners:

  • Tyre importers
  • Tyre chains
  • Tyre dealers
  • Parts suppliers
  • Suppliers of workshop equipment
  • Accessory suppliers

The automotive industry operates within a complex macroeconomic field in which general factors have a strong influence on the general conditions for business. Changes to the economic situation, taxes and charges, the environment, and technological and design development are all of significance to the industry. The automotive industry is constantly undergoing change and is particularly vulnerable to changes to general conditions and regulations.

The banking, finance and insurance industry are important suppliers of products and services to the automotive industry, in the capacity of both distributors and end customers. Knowledge of the value chain will be crucial in order to identify your own competitive advantages.

Choosing the right partner to advise you will help make you more capable of change and give you more opportunities to create value for your company. Automotive Consulting Group AS has considerable specialist financial knowledge and more than 50 years' experience in all areas of the automotive industry.

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We have extensive expertise and experience from our work with the B.I.L (Norwegian Automobile Importers Association), NBF (Norwegian Automobile Dealers Association), NAF, Dealer associations and other vehicle-related associations for cars and commercial vehicles (vans, trucks and buses).

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