Bengt Heggertveit

Bengt has a broad industry background focusing on result improvement, change management and business development. He has been CEO of the new motorhome- and caravan chain FERDA, as well as for their main competitor Kroken Caravan AS. Bengt was in charge of the Norwegian operations for VIANOR as managing director – a wholly owned subsidiary of the successful Finnish tyre brand Nokian Tyres. He has an extensive experience as a board member for several different companies throughout the last 20 years.

Bengt has a long experience working for organizations that need change and development. He is a seasoned executive thriving from seeing employees and projects succeed. Bengt understands what the critical success factors are, and how to ensure real and lasting change in the organizations.

Bengt has worked with different chains for the last 20 years, including development and implementation of “best practice”, chain models and streamlining central- and peripheral management. His experience spans digitization, implementation of new IT-systems, real estate development, brand development and change management. Bengt has worked within the retail- and wholesale industries for the last 20 years focusing on value creation for the end customer.

The electric vehicle TH!NK became Bengt’s first automotive experience (1998-2001). This new battery electric vehicle was homologized in 1998, and the company was acquired by Ford Motor Company. Bengt became Vice-President responsible for the European sales- and service operations.

In VIANOR, Bengt was in charge of expanding the global chains’ offering in Norway by introducing car service as an additional service product. Bengt was also part of the Global Vianor Management Team.

Bengt holds an MBA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in the US (1991), and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Oslo (1988).